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February 2024

Tips to Go The Distance with Your Driver from PGA Pro, Harry Taylor!

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Go the Distance with Your Driver!

Head Golf Professional at Gaylord Springs and PGA professional, Harry Taylor, provides 3 essential tips for going the distance with the most important club in your bag, your driver. Click the photo above or view the video HERE.

  1. Posture is Key – Stand with a bend at your hips, a slight bend in your knees, and your feet squared with your shoulders.

  2. Elbow In – When holding your club, keep your dominant elbow in towards your side body.

  3. Clear Your Left Hip – Once you take your swing back and swing through, be sure that your non-dominant hip is turning in towards your backswing, and then fulling twisting towards the where you want your ball to go.

With these simple tips, you should hit more fairways, and be ready for the golfing season to be in full swing.

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