TaylorMade Performance Lab
Golf’s Ultimate Fitting Experience


Come find out how Tour Players get their clubs to precisely match their swings at the TaylorMade Performance Lab at Gaylord Springs. Here you will have access to the most technologically advanced fitting experience in golf – one that had been previously reserved exclusively for Tour players and unavailable to the general public. By giving golfers of all ages and abilities the chance to take part in state-of-the-art club fitting and swing analysis, TaylorMade Performance Labs deliver an experience unlike any other. The comprehensive three hour fitting experience covers all 14 clubs in the bag, from driver to putter, ensuring a perfectly fit set of custom clubs and offering the individual a deeper understanding of the golf swing. The MAT-T system (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) utilizes 3D motion reality via 6 high speed cameras to transform the golfer into an avatar – a digital rendering of the golfer and their swing that can be viewed from any angle. After the golfer and the swing have been captured, the fitter will combine that information with launch monitor readings to determine the final choice in equipment. Every TaylorMade club head and shaft is available for demonstration on site, so the golfer is able to validate the results of the fitting by hitting the exact clubs in a full ball flight environment. Call now to schedule a fitting and start playing your best golf ever!

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